Every year in March we exhibit at the P.B.F.A. bookfair in Harrogate, it would be silly not to as it’s only 18 miles away from us in York. A two day affair, actually three if you include the set-up afternoon and (for the last two years) coming the week immediately after the New York Antiquarian Book Fair it makes for a relatively chilled out event and a good opportunity to catch up with the local trade and collectors. This year was no different; we bought a few books, sold a few books, an evening meal and laughs with friends and colleagues. The morning after: an early start, still jet-lagged, a blizzard and weather warnings across the country. A much slower day as only the brave ventured out and then two hours before the end of the bookfair…

Fine gentleman: “How much for the whole stand?”

Grumpy bookseller: “Ummm?”

Fine gentleman: “You have 30 seconds to decide”

Grumpy bookseller: “ok ££££”

Fine gentleman: “done!”

bookseller: “oh! I’ll help you pack”